Pharmaceutical Packaging

Automation – Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical industry knows something about production lines’ automation and products packaging. High-pace production factories need high-technology equipment to be able to assure continuous quality control of the final product. Automation is ubiquitous and continues to be a good solution to diminish production’s cost and preserve industries exploitation in this activity sector.

Jalbert Automation is certainly a global leader in automation and packaging for pharmaceutical industries. With more than 25 years of experience in this domain, you can be sure that it is a successful asset for your pharmaceutical, nutraceutique and/or dietary supplements projects.

Design and Integration of Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

Jalbert Automation contributes in increasing your industry’s productivity. It distinguishes itself by its capacity to conceive automation solutions including mechanic conception and control. Jalbert Automation knows the demands and high standards of this industry and respects the particular sanitary norms imposed. We can take action in many levels of your pharmaceutical production line:

  • Design of new specialised equipment to resolve a specific problem in your production unity;
  • Equipment integration on your packaging line;
  • Specific solution’s settlement that can include vision system and/or robotics ;
  • Products packaging : Handling, Fulling, Scelling and Capping, Labelling, Packaging, Tagging, Conformity follow-up…
  • Our solutions consider your sanitary and aseptic restrains like “washdown” conception and NEMA4x, SS316L utilization, material passivation and anodizing. Furthermore, we have experience in the conception of explosion-proof system (XP).
  • Our solutions conform to the different industry and associations’ standards like FDA, GMP and PMMI.