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Gala Stellar 2013

Jalbert Automatisation wins his second prize this year. On June 7th 2013, at the 27th Stellar Gala of ‘Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Thérèse-De-Blainville’, the company’s president and founder, M. Luc Jalbert, receives the laureate for the “Innovation” categorie from Mrs. Élaine Zakaïb, minister of ‘Politique industrielle et à la Banque de développement du Québec. The constant and efficient work made by Jalbert Automatisation's team has been recognized with this prize. Innovation being one of the company’s most important values, it stimulates the employees to design and create original automated system. Jalbert Automatisation figures now as a leader in industrial automation in multiple sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical and others. 

On the same evening, Jalbert Automatisation was also nominated as finalist for the PME of the year (over 25 employees). 

Established in 1997, in Boisbriand, Jalbert Automatisation specializes in engineering services to find adapted solutions for products conditioning. Also, it has developed a specific apparatus for capping, beltorque®, that allows screwing and tightening of containers of all format in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals and food sectors.

The company’s leadership brings out the creativity of its members to elaborate solutions for customers. From automation engineer to mechanical technician, everyone participates in developing innovative solutions for products design and delivery. Moreover, the company has implemented a planning system for resources (ERP) in place to facilitate management and follow-up of projects, production, purchases and timesheets for its employees. A major part of our work is done electronically and our engineers work with tablet PC where they can find almost all the information they need for production. 

Global leader in pharmaceutical packaging, Jalbert Automatisation has increased its business and its profitability through more than 350 projects for large known corporations. Jalbert Automatisation possesses patent, knowledge and well-known experience regarding screwing and tightening of containers in an automated way; the company wishes to increase its presence on the American, as well as the European and Asiatic marketplace. 


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