Automation – Production Lines of Cosmetic Components

 Bouteilles secteur cosmétique

The cosmetic industry requires a high level of creativity, as production lines must be both flexible and reliable. Numerous projects with prestigious clients attest to our ability to respond to your needs and requests, no matter how great or small.

The equipment in this sector needs to fit easily on all kind of package size, while keeping efficiency and precision. In fact, in the cosmetic industries, packages often vary in size and shape, always needing a good aesthetic; therefore, they need to be manipulated with care.

Jalbert Automation has the ability to furnish customized equipment that satisfies the industry’s requirements. For instance, our beltorque® BT-ST model, allows a large range of adaptability to comply with the production line changes and the great variety of bottles and caps. We are also able to respond to the specific needs of contract packagers and we are members of the Contract Packaging Association.


Conception and integration of cosmetics’ packaging solution

  • Conception of a new customized equipment to respond to a specific need on one of your production units;
  • Modification of existing equipment to adapt to a change of speed, packaging or products;
  • Integration of equipment on your production line;
  • Establishment of specific solutions on your production line, including vision system, robotic;
  • Products’ packaging: manipulation, filling, sealing and capping, labeling, casing, marking and conformity follow-up,etc.


Completed Projects

Jalbert Automation has completed many projects for a world leader of the cosmetic industry, including a packaging robot able to insert mixing wooden sticks directly into the carton as well as a customized equipment to facilitate sachets’ casing. Also, we have designed equipment able to fit very delicately caps on perfume bottles for a well-known French factory.

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