Automation – Production Lines of Chemical Components

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The chemical industry has wide-ranging, complex challenges. Our multidisciplinary team (control, mechanics and processes) comes up with solutions adapted to your specific requirements.

Jalbert Automation has the worry to give and to conceive specialized equipment while considering the special features ofthe chemicals’ industry. 

Conception and integration of chemicals’ packaging solution

  • Conception of a new customized equipment to respond to a specific need on one of your production units;
  • Modification of existing equipment to adapt to a change of speed, packaging or products;
  • Integration of equipment on your production line;
  • Establishment of specific solutions on your production line, including vision system, robotic;
  • Products’ packaging: manipulation, filling, sealing and capping, labeling, casing, marking and conformity follow-up, etc.;
  • We have experience in designing explosion proof system (XP).

Completed Projects

We have designed a semi-automatic screwer-tightener for special caps of washing detergent bottles. This equipment is able to fit the cap in the bottle, to screw it on, to grip it and then to position it in its definite place. It allowed an increase of the production line’s pace for the factory in Montreal.

As part of a completely different project, we conceived an equipment allowing the automatic insertion of a thread in a connector cable for an explosive device. This procedure requires a lot of precision and its automation allowed an increased quality and efficiency of the production line.

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